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Modern prints are certainly one of the most distinctive collections of our website; we offer a rich assortment of contemporary art prints on paper and canvas and devote a great deal of energy to the constant search for new subjects that suit the latest home decor trends.

The largest collection of modern prints and canvas

Choosing a modern art print is not always easy. From time to time one "falls in love" with an artwork, but most of the time one ponders very carefully before buying a print, wondering which is the most suitable, how it will fit in with the decor and colors of the house and so on... Not to mention that everyone has their own preferences, some love abstract art while others hate them, some would like to decorate their living room with a large floral painting while others are looking for street art or funky or pop art prints.

In this collection dedicated to modern art prints and canvas we have therefore tried to offer the widest possible assortment of subjects and styles, where everyone will find exactly the perfect artworks for themselves.

We have first of all selected a large assortment of modern abstract art prints.
Our collection of modern abstract prints and canvas is in fact the richest section of our website, as we collaborate with a large number of artists and thanks to their talent we are able to offer abstract paintings to suit any taste and decor. We have therefore selected colorful abstract paintings, elegant black and white abstract art, modern geometric prints, gestural abstracts and many other modern abstract canvas.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a canvas or art print with a more modern look, we recommend the pop art or, even better, street art prints. Graffiti art is in fact the real trend of the moment, especially due to the enormous success that the murals of the mysterious British artist Banksy are having in recent years, which have generated a veritable new artistic wave that moves in different directions. There are ironic, caustic or dreamy prints, perfect for those who want to give their homes a modern and elegant look.

Of course floral art prints could not be missing from our collection of modern art prints and canvas, as they are always a popular theme for wall decor. We have selected a huge assortment of paintings with flowers, compositions of tulips, roses, poppies, calla lilies and many others.
If your home has a shabby-chic style, take a look at our collection of shabby chic art prints, you will surely find the right image to give the finishing touch to your decor.

Still undecided on what to do? Looking for a more original or unusual modern canvas to make your interior design unique? Try browsing through our collection of decorative prints, where you will find ethnic artworks, prints for the beach house, music-themed canvas, map art and much more.

If you are looking for a kind of retro look, we also offer an interesting collection of vintage posters, advertising posters from the “belle époque” created by the most fashionable illustrators of those years, which are always very successful as prints for the kitchen or dining room.

Last but not least are landscapes, which could certainly not be missing from our collection of modern art prints and canvas. Country landscapes, forests, views of Tuscany, Italian villages and more, landscape prints are a classic of interior decoration, and our high-quality prints make every brushstroke of the original paintings stand out. Whether you love the countryside, autumn woods or walks in the mountains, you are sure to find the right paintings for your walls in this collection.

Seascape prints, beach house art and trompe l'oeil are perfect for your vacation house on the sea or to brighten up your city flat on dark winter days.

Modern canvas art and prints.  Art Print Café quality

The modern artworks from the Art Print Café collection are high quality canvas and art prints in crisp, bright colors, ready to hang on the walls of your home, to make every room truly unique.

The modern art prints are reproductions of contemporary paintings by the artists with whom we collaborate and each work is printed in the highest possible resolution and with the utmost attention to color, in order to guarantee a canvas that is as faithful to the original artwork as possible.

All you need to do is choose the images you like and select the size that fits your walls. At Art Print Café we are committed to providing you with best quality products. In fact, every Art Print Café print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is printed with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, long-lasting and non-toxic. Once printed, our canvas and art prints are hand-stretched or framed by our staff.
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