Pierre Benson. Wall art with couples in love and modern women

Pierre Benson, born Pierangelo Brustia, is a contemporary Italian artist originally from Masera (VB), who after years of a messy and adventurous life around the world is now finally dedicating himself full time to painting. He is a very versatile artist, in his long career he has painted paintings inspired by Vettriano's prints, with elegant couples dancing on the beach, but also numerous paintings of couples in love, romantic kisses in the rain, couples in Paris and New York, perfect paintings for Valentine's Day or for all lovers.
But Pierre Benson is also a great master in painting pictures with ballet dancers, canvas prints that are always elegant and therefore highly sought after for interior decoration.

Figurative art is certainly one of Pierre Benson's specialties and you can see it from the large number of paintings with women in our collection of canvas prints by the artist. These are paintings of women of various kinds, decidedly modern and elegant, romantic paintings, paintings of modern women on sofas, on beds or in sensual or reflective poses.

We have selected for our clients a large number of art on canvas with couples in love and with modern women, but these do not exhaust the subject matter of Pierre Benson, a truly versatile painter, so much so that for years he has dedicated himself to copies of art of the paintings of the great masters of art. We have therefore also chosen his best paintings with a window on the sea, real trompe l'oeil, in which the sea can be seen through open windows, partly covered by white curtains painted as a true virtuoso.
The paintings with a window on the sea and the prints with couples of lovers dancing on the beach are very successful subjects on our site, perfect as large-format paintings for the living room of any home.

Take your time to choose your favorite prints from our collection of modern women paintings and Benson seascape paintings. You only have to choose, Art Print Café is committed to providing you with a high quality art print or canvas art. In fact, every Pierre Benson print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is made with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, totally non-toxic and long-lasting. Once printed, our posters and canvas are hand-streatched or framed by our staff.
Moreover shipping is free!
Choose your Benson paintings now among prints with windows to the sea, paintings with modern women, paintings for couples in love and much more.

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