Wall Art for the Home. Canvas prints and posters for your decor

Welcome to Art Print Café collection of wall art for the home. If you are looking for an art print or canvas for your modern or classic home decor, you've landed in the right place !

Wall Art for the Home - get inspired by our collection

Art Print Café's collection of wall art prints for the home is divided into several sections, one for each room in the house.
Are you looking for a poster or a canvas print for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or office? Select the room you are interested in and for sure you will find the perfect painting for your home.

We have selected the most suitable wall art prints for each room in your home, ranging from paintings by contemporary artists to photographs and to masterpieces of museum art.
Every room has its own needs, every person has its own tastes and preferences. This is why it is so important to have a wide selection of art prints and canvas for every room in the house, so that everyone will be able to find the perfect wall art for their walls !

But remember that in each section you will only find a limited selection of subjects, but our collection is much larger. So the most important thing is to get inspired.
If you discover any artists you like while browsing, just click on their name and you will see all their works.
If you browse through the collection dedicated to a specific room and find subjects you hadn't thought of but which seem great for the room you need to decorate, just visit the relevant collection and you'll find many more subjects.

Wall Art Prints and Canvas for every room of your home. The Art Print Café collection offers a huge range of different styles.

Every home is unique. Every home reflects the personality of its inhabitants. That's why it's important to find the perfect painting for your room, the painting that will mouve you every time you look at it.

Browse our collection of wall art for your home now, you will find :

  • Wall Art for the living room. The living room is the room where we relax and where we receive our best friends; it is therefore very important to choose an art print that makes a statement and that reflects your personality. In fact, a canvas print is often the object that sets the tone for the whole room, especially if it is printed in large format.
  • Wall art prints and canvas for the kitchen and dining room. Vintage kitchen-themed posters, still life paintings, artworks with fruit, coffee and wine. Decorating your kitchen has never been so easy!
  • Wall art for the bedroom. Are you looking for a painting to place behind or next to your bed? Abstract, floral, masterpieces, great photos, all the possible choices for your home! Browse now our collection, you will surely find a the perfect wall art for your bedroom.
  • Wall art prints for the office. Do you have a home office or do you need to decorate the walls of your office? Do you want to give a bright and funky look to your working environment? Do you prefer classic wall art for the office, such as black and white photos or the masterpieces of the great masters? Browse through our office wall art now, you will surely find the right inspiration!
  • Wall art for the bedroom. Your children have their own tastes for sure. Whether they like colourful pictures, modern art, street art posters with their weird humour or animal art, you are sure to find the wall art that will make them happy. There are prints and canvases for all ages and tastes!
  • Wall art prints for the bathroom. We don't think about it often, but a nice picture in the bathroom can help you to relax, to start the day in the right mood. Surely a high quality art print will change the look of your bathroom!
  • Wall art prints for the entrance and hallway. Sometimes it is difficult to furnish small and narrow spaces, but remember that a picture at the entrance is the best way to make your guests feel at home!

Wall art prints and canvas for the modern or classic home – the Art Print Café quality

Relax, take your time and find your favourite prints in our collection of wall art for the home.
All you have to do is choose, Art Print Café is committed to providing you with high quality canvas prints and posters. All Art Print Café art prints are 100% Made in Italy, and are professionally printed using the best water-based, long-lasting and non-toxic inks, so your children can sleep soundly. Once printed, our paintings for the home are framed by hand by specialised personnel.
What's more, shipping is free Europe! Choose your wall art for the home now!

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