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Welcome to our collection of impressionist prints and canvas wall art, which includes the most famous paintings of the French Impressionists, from Monet to Degas, from Renoir to Sisley, Cezanne and Manet.

For this section of our online shop we have selected the most famous Impressionist prints, starting from the artworks of Claude Monet, certainly the most famous of the French Impressionist painters and the one whose painting Impression Au Soleil Levant (Impression, Sunrise) eventually gave the name to the whole Impressionist Movement.


The Impressionist art movement developed in France between the late 1800s and early 1900s, taking to the extreme the concepts that Realist painters had begun to highlight a few year earlier.

In fact, the French Realist painters were among the first to rebel against the unwritten rules of painting, according to which only famous people or epic or biblical scenes were portrayed. Instead they dedicated themselves to painting reality as they saw it, which meant painting common people, poor farmers and scenes of everyday life.

The Impressionists not only followed this path, dedicating themselves to painting as much as possible in the open air and portraying scenes of everyday life, but they also realized that reality itself was constantly changing, as the light conditions evolved during the day, therefore changing the apparence of what was being painted.

Each subject could therefore be portrayed multiple times and would always be represented in a different way, depending on the light of the moment.

Even the painting technique of the Impressionist painters was totally different from the traditional one, there were no long sessions in the studio, drawings and preparatory sketches, but reality was mostly represented with rapid brushstrokes of unmixed colors, apparently casual but that seen as a whole gave the typical effect of an impressionist painting, with the light reflected in a thousand shades of different colors.

This technique, which was also born from a need to speed up the painting, to be able to carry on the artwork before the light changed, ended up becoming the trademark of Impressionism, especially in the paintings of Claude Monet, who was without any doubt the most famous representative of the Impressionist movement.

This style was initially opposed and ridiculed by critics and the public, but over the years it began to be first understood and then appreciated, so much so that over time the Impressionist movement has become one of the best known. And to these days Impressionist wall art prints are always among the most successfull among those who are looking for a canvas print to brighten their living room or bedroom.

Impressionist prints and canvas in the Art Print Café collection

For this section dedicated to Impressionist art prints and canvas we have selected the most representative paintings of the Impressionist movement, masterpieces by Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Sisley, Pissarro and Cezanne, who was an Impressionist at the beginning of his career.

The Impressionists loved to portray the reality in its constant process of chainging, trying to capture the moment and freezing it in time.
All of them have interpreted Impressionism in their own way, each with his talent and his vision, and in this collection we have tried to best represent the peculiarities of each of them.

Claude Monet, who is considered the father of Impressionism, enjoyed painting rivers, ponds with water lilies, gardens, regattas and seascapes, landscapes very often characterized by the presence of water and on which the painter portray all the thousand shades of color due to the reflected light.
He painted an impressive number of artworks, first of all the most known Water Lilies, the multiple views of the Giverny Garden and numerous seascapes, among which the Impression of the Rising Sun, which gave its name to the entire movement.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir loved to portray the effect of light filtering through the leaves of trees, creating lighter and darker spots everywhere, on the streets, people, nature. This can be seen very clearly in his Impressionist landscape paintings, but also in his most famous paintings with popular festival scenes, such as the famous Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette, where you can see glimpses of light filtering through the leaves animating the whole scene.

Edgar Degas had completely different interests, depicting dance scenes, woman nudes and horse races, but always with an Impressionist style made of colored brushstrokes only apparently casual and always trying to freeze the moment in which the subjects are portrayed.

If Monet, Renoir and Degas are the most famous artists of Impressionism, we must not forget that Manet, Pisarro, Sisley and the young Cezanne also followed the path of Impressionist painting for years, each adapting it to his own personality and style. All these Impressionist painters are well represented in this collection, which includes for example the Impressionist still lifes from Manet and the Paris view of Pissarro.

Impressionist art prints and canvas for your interior dsign

Impressionist wall art canvases are always a must-have for decorating your walls with taste, the perfect match for any living room, dining room or bedroom.

Our reproductions of Impressionist artworks are prints on canvas or paper made with museum quality, with the utmost attention to detail and yield.

All you need to do is choose the artwork you prefer from Monet, Degas, Renoir and all the other impressionist masters and select the size that fits your walls. At Art Print Café we are committed to providing you with best quality products. In fact, every Art Print Café print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is printed with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, long-lasting and non-toxic. Once printed, our Impressionist canvas and art prints are hand-stretched or framed by our staff.
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