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Welcome to our collection of Nordic wall art, a wide assortment of framed posters and canvas prints with designs inspired by the modern Scandinavian aesthetics.

Nordic wall art prints and canvas in the Art Print Café collection

In recent years there has been a widespread use of Nordic design in interior decoration. The Scandinavian style is defined by essential shapes and lines, subdued colors, clean-lined furniture and echoes to nature and light wood tones, in a quest for simplicity and harmony.

In this section of our site you will find Nordic art prints and canvas, perfect for giving a scandi touch to your interiors:

  • abstract artworks in soft colors and delicate tones
  • elegant prints with geometric shapes, designs that are only apparently simple
  • modern landscapes composed of a few essential and elegant strokes, for a minimalist interior decoration
  • posters that recall light wood tones, which is the distinctive stylistic feature of contemporary Nordic design
  • photographs where whites dominate, recalling the winter colors of the north while conveying a sense of peace and serenity.

You will find all this and much more in our collection of Nordic-style prints, which like all sections of the Art Print Café website is constantly being updated according to new trends.

Nordic wall art prints and canvas for every room

The main characteristic of Nordic prints is their simplicity, their minimalist design made of just a few traits or colors, often with large empty spaces. This understated, light-toned design manages to brighten up any room and is very effective especially where there are narrow spaces.

Scandinavian-style prints are very versatile and can be used to decorate virtually any room in the house:

  • light strokes and colors are perfect for relaxing and therefore ideal for a living room where you spend a lot of time with family or friends; since living rooms often have wide walls, it is advisable to create compositions of two or more Scandinavian prints to increase the decorative effect
  • narrow spaces such as the hallway or the entrance will undoubtedly benefit from the presence of one or more Nordic prints, which will certainly succeed, with their brightness, in giving a sense of greater spaciousness to these rooms
  • a Scandinavian artwork in subdued colors and peaceful tones is of course also perfect for a modern bedroom, the room where one should definitely be able to relax
  • minimal Nordic-style artworks are increasingly placed in bathrooms as well, to give them that sense of brightness and spaciousness that is often missing

Nordic style art prints and canvas - Art Print Café quality

Our collection of Nordic style prints is very wide and varied, you are sure to find the right Scandinavian canvas or poster for your interior decoration.
Here you can find Scandinavian prints ready to hang on any walls of your home.
You just have to choose, Art Print Café is committed to providing you with high quality Nordic prints. In fact, every Art Print Café poster or canvas is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is made with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, totally non-toxic and long-lasting. Once printed, our prints are hand framed or streatched by our staff.
Moreover shipping is free! Choose now your Nordic wall art prints or canvas

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