Art Print Café's website is primarily commited in making sure that all information collected is safely preserved and stored, and that your privacy is secured. Here below you can find a detailed description of Art Print Café's privacy policy, which has been specifically created to clearly explain all our customers' privacy-related aspects in Art Print Café's website (from now on referred to as the Site).

You can read it completely or just view a specific subject through the bullet list below.

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About Us is property of Internet Sales srls, an italian company based in Italy, which market art reproductions on canvas for home decoration.
Internet Sales srls are therefore responsible for the personal information collected during the navigation and the purchase within this Site.

Which customers' information is collected by the Site

This Site, like any other website, collects two types of information during your navigation:
Information provided by the user: during registration, your personal account is created, and you are requested your personal data such as your address, phone, shipping address; you are also requested whether you agree to receive via e-mail newsletters or information about special deals from Art Print Café.
Information that is automatically collected by the Site during your navigation such as: the device you are using, your Os, your IP address, the browser you are using, the website you visited prior to this one, time and date when you visited this Site, for how long you navigated the Site, which pages you viewed and how you did interact with them. Such information is useful for the improvement of the Site and its usability for all customers. Cookies and similar technologies are also used within this Site, as explained later.
Cookies are small files containing non-personal information that are stored in your browser once you visited a website, so that some data, e.g. items in a shopping cart or choices you made, can be maintained when you will return to that site. The storage of cookies can be disabled in the preference panel of your browser, but we suggest to keep it on for this Site, to improve your navigation in

How we use your personal information

Art Print Café will never share your personal information with other companies for marketing purposes. Your personal information will be safely stored and protected and used exclusively for and within the Site for:
- Site functionality and improvement
- creation of your personal account on the Site
- creation and execution of your orders in the Site
- (If you agreed with that) periodical mailing of special deals or commercial information
- creation of Site's navigation, traffic and usage statistics to improve our service

Whom your personal information is shared with

Art Print Café shares with other websites the customers' personal information for specific and limited purposes, strictly related to the Site functionality, such as:
- Suppliers of services that are crucial for the correct ordering and delivery process, such as couriers involved in the delivery of our orders to the customers
- law authorities, whenever specific laws and claims are made or circumstances related to the sale, bankruptcy, transfer, business merging or corporate restructuring happen, or to preserve the rights and interests of Art Print Café and/or any third parties
- an effective or potential buyer, as regards acquisition plans for a part or the entire Art Print Café's business activity, or for a business merging, provided that the customers' personal information will be strictly used for the sole purposes described in this Privacy Policy statement

Data storage and transmission

Our customers' personal information can be stored and used by Art Print Café in any country where Art Print Café employs facilities or suppliers of services for the Site's specific usage. Such information can therefore be transmitted to countries different from the customers' and will strictly be used for the sole purposes of the Site with the same degree of protection described in this Privacy Policy statement.

How we protect your personal information

Our customers' personal information and its protection are of the utmost importance for Art Print Café.
All sensitive information such as credit card numbers is directly managed by the secured platforms of the credit card companies or providers of payment services (such as Paypal).
Credit card numbers are therefore never collected or stored within the Site, and Art Print Café's employees have no access to such information.
We adopt safety measures and protocols to preserve and protect our customers' personal information and avoid any loss, disclosure or any unauthorized usage in any step of the navigation in our Site, from the registration to the ordering, down to the payment.
Despite our constant and strong commitment to protect customers' data, at the present time there are no methods for transmitting information that can be considered totally safe. Therefore Art Print Café, as well as any other webiste, cannot guarantee the absolute safety of said internet transmissions.

Customer's rights regarding data protection

Every user of our Site can, at any moment, access his personal account and change or correct his personal information. Users can also request to eliminate their data completely by contacting us at [email protected].
The user has the right, at any time, to cancel his consent to receive information, communication or commercial deals via e-mail, contacting us at [email protected].

Links to other websites

The Site can generate links to other websites through third parties' plug-ins such as the sharing buttons of social networks or similar. Art Print Café cannot be held responsible for such websites' privacy policies, that shall be found in the relevant statements within the sites. The present Privacy Policy statement exclusively applies to Art Print Café's website.

Data conservation

Art Print Café will keep customers' personal information with the utmost care and diligence exclusively for the time and purposes related to the Site's operations, unless law authorities requested or allowed a longer period for fiscal, legal or other legitimate purposes.
Whenever the business activities of the Site should fail, Art Print Café will destroy all customers' personal information or make it unusable.
All services provided and the information collected by the Site are intended solely and exclusively for adult users. All information coming or resulting from any users below the age of 18 will neither be collected nor stored in the Site's servers.

Modifications to our Privacy Policy

In case modifications to this Privacy policy should occur, they will be promptly published in the Site with adequate visibility and will be immediately valid for all registered customers, substituting the former Art Print Café's privacy policy. We kindly suggest all users to periodically review this section and its content.
For any further information regarding Privacy and our data protection policy customers may contact us at [email protected].

Last Update: September 20, 2018

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