Wallas Prints and Canvas. Modern and colourful wall art for your home

Wallas, born Valerio Lombardelli, is a contemporary painter with a unique and instantly recognisable style. His works are in fact characterised by bright colours and large black strokes that outline the figures, in a style that is only apparently simple. They are modern and very colourful, and certainly the most suitable way to brighten up any room.

Wallas' prints are perfect for children's rooms, but they are also very successful as modern wall art decoration for the living room, printed on canvas in large format, because of his unique style: naive and contemporary.

In order to best represent Wallas' work, we have selected for our customers a large number of modern and colourful paintings, which best represent the themes dear to the artist. There are paintings with dreamy landscapes and the moon high in the sky, canvas prints with islands and lighthouses, paintings with stylised trees framing villages and countryside and a whole series of children's paintings with animals, perfect for any nursery.

Take all the time you need to select your favourite prints from our extensive collection of paintings by Wallas. You only have to choose, Art Print Café is committed to providing you with a high quality art print or canvas art. In fact, every Walls print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is made with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, totally non-toxic and long-lasting. Once printed, our posters and canvas are hand-streatched or framed by our staff.
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Choose now your Wallas prints or canvas wall art among his modern paintings for the living room and for the children's room.

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