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Welcome to the section of the Art Print Café website dedicated to wall art for office.
When we speak of an office, we are talking about very different rooms and situations. There is the home office, the room in the house that one or two members of the family have chosen to use as an office, but also professional offices with several rooms and workstations, as well as large offices where several people work, with canteens, meeting rooms and open spaces. Obviously, these are very different environments which also have very different needs in terms of decoration and, in particular, canvas wall art.

In this section of our website we will try to give you some suggestions for office wall art with a special focus on home offices (more and more frequent in recent years) and small and medium sized professional studios, but obviously also those interested in decorating large offices will certainly find useful ideas in this collection.

Office wall art – decoration ideas

This section dedicated to office prints and office canvas art is intended more than anything else to inspire those who browse our site, offering unexpected ideas and suggestions that you may not have thought of.

So take your time to browse through this collection of wall art for office. You'll find a various assortment that alternates between main-trend office subjects and more original choices.

  • among the subjects that could be considered as main-trend are undoubtedly black and white photo prints, an always elegant choice suitable as either a framed print or a stretched canvas. There are often a few small format black and white prints in offices, most often vintage photos, photos of New York from the 1950s or classics of vintage photography, such as the Lunch atop a Skyscraper (New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam), or the Sailor's Kiss in Times Square. Another popular photographic subject for studios and offices are black and white prints of sailing boats, vintage America's Cup photos or photos of sailboatas sailing off the coast, which fit well behind any desk
  • other offices, while remaining within the realm of photography wall art, would deserve a more stunning décor, so an idea coul be decorating their walls with large format canvas prints, such as New York canvas or Paris prints, in colour or black and white, which clearly contribute to a more international look to their environment
  • Japanese prints are also a particularly suitable subject for offices with a classic look; in fact, their elegant lines and essential colours fit in well with the furnishings of modern offices
  • another super classic in office furniture are classic paintings by the masters of art; such as Monet prints or van Gogh prints, reproductions of paintings by these two moder art masters are often used to furnish meeting rooms or waiting rooms in offices, while Kandinsky posters, reproductions of his abstract paintings, are more often used for professional offices
  • world map canvas are suited to office furnishings; an antique planisphere or a vintage map of Rome, Florence, London, Paris, New York are much sought-after subjects for office furnishings and can lend a touch of classical elegance to any environment
  • a large abstract canvas is another decorative element that can have a great impact; often in offices, minimalist, abstract black and white or not too garish paintings are favoured, but in reality there is nothing wrong with decorating your walls with a nice abstract painting in bright colours, which will serve to brighten up the office environment, otherwise often made up of a few neutral colours
  • For those who want to give their offices a more youthful and trendy look, we recommend decorating the walls with graffiti wall art, prints from our street art or funky collection, which includes some office posters motivational, as well as fitting in very well with modern office furnishings, will help to create a more informal and friendly atmosphere.

The goal of this section is essentially to provide you with suggestions on wall art for office, without claiming to be exhaustive in any way.
Our advice is to be inspired and follow your instincts. If you like the paintings of a particular artist or a particular painting style, visit our collections dedicated to them, you will certainly find many other subjects to your taste.

You just have to choose, Art Print Café is committed in any case to provide you with office wall art of absolute quality. Art Print Café print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is printed with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, long-lasting and non-toxic. Once printed, our canvas and art prints are hand-stretched or framed by our staff.
And shipping is free throughout Europe! Choose now your wall art for office.

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