Wall art for kids. High quality prints and canvas

For this collection dedicated to the wall art for kids we have selected canvas in bright colours, tender and funny art prints and cute animals – the perfect decoration for all kid's rooms.

In fact, we have chosen from our extensive collection of wall art the most suitable prints for your kid's room, in various styles and colours, in order to offer an interesting assortment, where parents and children are sure to find the perfect print or canvas.

In this collection you will therefore find

  • dreamy landscape prints in bright colours, with the moon high in the blue sky and the stars shining
  • Prints of the Little Prince, an evergreen in kid's room decoration
  • graffiti and street art posters, sometimes tender and sometimes weird, for kids (and adults) of all ages
  • wall art prints with dinosaurs and friendly aliens, which your kids will certainly appreciate
  • canvas prints with cute and funny animals in an imaginative and dreamy style

For this collection dedicated to kid's room, we have selected wall art prints that are definitely child-themed, the ones we find easiest to imagine in a kid's room.

Of course, kids have their own tastes, and they can be completely different from what adults imagine, so there's nothing stopping them from preferring paintings with windows on the sea, floral prints, reproductions of paintings by the great masters or photographs of landscapes and animals... Our collection is very wide, and if you haven't found teh wall art that your kids are looking for in this section, you're sure to find something elsewhere.

Wall art for kids - Art Print Café quality

Relax and take your time to choose the prints your kids prefer from our assortment of wall art for kid's room.
All you need to do is choose the images you like and select the size that fits your walls. At Art Print Café we are committed to providing you with best quality products. In fact, every Art Print Café print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is printed with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, long-lasting and non-toxic. Once printed, our canvas and art prints for kids are hand-stretched or framed by our staff.
Moreover, shipping is free! Choose now among our wall art for kids

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