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Abstract wall art prints and canvas are certainly one of the most comprehensive collections of our online shop, which offers a rich assortment of them, perfect for any modern interior. Here you can find abstract canvas prints or framed posters ready to hang on the walls of your home, to make your living room, bedroom or dining room unique... a touch of personality for your walls!

Abstract paintings in the arts

Abstract art prints and canvas have always been among the most popular subjects for interior decoration by those looking for a modern artwork to brighten up their walls.

By now, everyone - interior designers, architects and anyone who wants to decorate their home - has become accustomed to considering abstracts one of the most natural choices for interior decoration. In any furniture or interior design magazine, you will mostly see abstract canvas or prints hanging on the walls, regardless of the type of furniture proposed.

Actually, if we think about the history of art, abstract paintings are a relatively recent category.

For centuries, classical art focused on depicting life and nature as truthfully as possible; portraits of noblemen, sacred and religious paintings, landscapes, still life, the greatest artists of every era almost always devoted themselves to reproducing nature in their paintings as realistically as possible, with results that still leave us all speechless with amazement.

This approach began to change during the 19th century, when gradually the artists began to portray nature in a more personal way, each interpreting it with his or her own style and sensitivity. This process reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century with the so-called Abstractionism movement, the beginning of which is usually traced back to the Russian painter Vassily Kandinsky, who completely detached himself from any idea of reality to paint abstract works made of lines and colors born in his imagination and without any reference to the outside world. The idea of beauty was no longer anchored in nature, but became an abstract concept, and abstract paintings were made of lines, colors and simple shapes that had to have a balance of their own. Of course, Kandinsky was not the only one to go down this road, other abstract painters joined him on his path or followed a similar one (think of Klee or Mondrian to name but the most famous) and from then on, art was never the same again.

Abstract art was now part of the arts in its own right, and now, two hundred years later, abstract prints and canvas are consistently among the most successful.

Modern abstract art prints and canvas in the Art Print Café collection

Modern abstract art prints and canvas in the Art Print Café collection are distinguished by a very broad assortment of subjects, colors and styles, which can be matched to any interior.

Abstract art is subjective in itself. Some people choose an abstract print because of its colours, some because of its modernity and some because it fits in well with the style of their décor. It is therefore essential that we offer a wide assortment of abstract art prints and posters, hence we collaborate with a large number of contemporary artists who are dedicated to painting modern abstract artworks, each with their own style and personality.

Within modern abstract art, we can distinguish a few main categories that are the most popular in contemporary interior design.

First of all, there are the modern abstract prints, characterized by careful stylistic and chromatic research, designed by the artists to best suit the looks and colors in fashion in contemporary home decor, so that anyone can find a canvas print that suits their needs.

Then there are the geometrical abstracts, increasingly popular for those who want to give their home a really modern look, made of angles, straight lines and circles, and the gestural abstracts. Of course we have selected abstract artworks with different colors, black and white abstracts for those who are looking for a minimal elegance, as well as blue or colorful abstracts for those who want to brighten up their walls.

Abstract art prints and canvas in the interior design

As we said, abstract art is by nature subjective, everyone must feel it their own and hang it the way that feels right to them.

Usually decorators provide some general rules on how to position art prints and canvas (central to the furniture behind them, in line with each other if there is more than one...) but it is always better to follow your instinct.

Of course, modern abstract prints are perfect for the living room and are mainly placed precisely in the living room, often printed on canvas in large format and placed on the wall behind the sofa in order to immediately attract the gaze of those entering the room.

But our collection of modern abstract art includes prints of all sizes and shapes, horizontal, vertical and square; this variety allows each customer to give free rein to his or her imagination, there are long and narrow prints perfect for an office, as well as vertical canvas to decorate the narrowest rooms in the house, as corridors or hallways.

There are no rules when it comes to abstract art, you just have to follow your instincts and not worry too much; in fact, you can't go wrong, a well printed abstract canvas will always make a great impression and bring new light to your walls.

Abstract art prints and canvas – Art Print Café quality

All you need to do is choose the images you like and select the size that fits your walls. At Art Print Café we are committed to providing you with best quality products. In fact, every Art Print Café print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is printed with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, long-lasting and non-toxic.
Once printed, our canvas and art prints are hand-stretched or framed by our staff. Moreover, shipping is free!
Choose now among our modern abstract wall art prints and canvas!

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