In order to guarantee an excellent art reproduction all the ingredients must be excellent themselves.

Art Print Café is constantly committed to selecting from artists, photographers and international collections the best available high resolution files for the fine art print.
Every Art Print Café’s print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is printed with professional technologies, using specific water-based inks, non-toxic and durable, rich in pigments that are able to convey the brightness and hues of the original artworks.

At Art Print Café we exclusively use high-thickness professional fine art canvas (300 gr/mq), which is the only one capable to achieve the best results in fine art printing.

Our prints on canvas are hand-mounted by our skilled staff on thick-section solid wood stretcher bars (4 cm) ready to be hung on your walls.

For a unique decorative effect all of our prints come also printed on the sides, with the so-called mirrored borders, which literally reflect what is on the front edge of the image to capture a gallery-ready look and provide a splendid presentation to your canvas print.

You can see a preview of the finished canvas print on stretcher bars in the detail page of every item.