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Hallway wall art and entrance wall art can be considered as a single category, as they are two rooms that are often difficult to distinguish in modern interior design... in fact they are often the same room!

We have therefore decided to bring together hallway and entryway wall art in a single collection dedicated to the canvas and prints for the hallway.
Both rooms present similar problems. Often the space is cramped, or just a place to pass through, but at the same time the hallway and entrance hall are the first room you come into contact with, the one that often has to set the tone for the style of the house, which is why you try to furnish it carefully even though it is a space you never stay in for long.

We have therefore selected a number of prints for this section of our website, which are intended to be suggestions and ideas for the hallway wall decor, and living room as well. Normally architects and interior designers favour vertical wall art, prints and canvas, or compositions of small framed pictures, but this is not necessarily always the best solution.

There are rooms in which there is a low piece of furniture in the entrance hall, on which to place a canvas wall art, which may be medium or large in size; in other situations there is a large hallway at the entrance to the house, where a large wall art immediately catches the eye. In short, hallway wall art and prints are among the most difficult to recommend, everyone must be aware of the space available and above all the use of these spaces, so as not to place a print that ends up being in the way.

Hallway wall art, our staff's picks

Furnishing a hallway or entrance hall requires good planning and a very personalised approach, which also takes into account how each person uses the space in their daily life. We will limit ourselves to giving some ideas on the subject matter that might be suitable for an entrance hall or corridor, taking into account the trends in contemporary design furniture and trying to give some original ideas.

In this section dedicated to hallway wall art and entrance wall art you will therefore find:

  • minimal abstract wall art in light colours, suitable for any type of environment, for those who do not wish to place an overly garish decor at the entrance to their home, but prefer a more neutral and elegant picture
  • vertical or square wall art with modern trees are usually chosen in small format for narrow entrances, but also large canvas pictures can create a great scenic effect if placed in a large hallway or entrance hall
  • vintage wall art and posters or botanical prints are almost always present in entrance decoration, and are often seen in interior design magazines, most often in compositions of several pieces side by side
  • another solution very often used nowadays by interior designers when they need to decorate a long blind corridor is to place a large canvas on the wall at the end of the corridor. This is often a vertical wall art, and it is not uncommon to find reproductions of paintings that have made art history (one of the most common is Napoleone Bonaparte Passing the Grand Saint-Bernard by Jacques-Luis David)
  • for those who want to be daring, our suggestion is to choose a colourful abstract wall art in a large format, which immediately catches the eye of anyone entering the house.

Of course, these are just ideas, tips and little inspirations. The Art Print Café collection is extensive and we're sure you will find the perfect picture for your hallway wall decor, so consider this section of our website as a starting point to get a sense of which artist or style might be right for you, after which we suggest you browse around the dedicated sections of the website.

You just have to choose, Art Print Café is committed in any case to provide you with hallway wall art of absolute quality. Art Print Café print is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, and is printed with professional equipment, using the best water-based inks, long-lasting and non-toxic. Once printed, our canvas and art prints are hand-stretched or framed by our staff.
And shipping is free throughout Europe! Choose now how to decorate hallway with our hallway wall art

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